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A SYMBIOSIS OF REAL ESTATE AND DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY POOLING OUR EXPERTISE TO ESTABLISH THE GROUNDWORK FOR A DIGITAL FUTURE Ecotek was founded when the vision of its founders to become an orchestrator within a digital ecosystem collided with Ecopark's vision to create an exemplary model of a Smart City for Vietnam. We here at Ecotek aim to harness the power of technological ingenuity such as blockchain, data analytics, and centralized computing in order to establish a fertile technical foundation from which Ecopark can grow their dreams for a Smart City. With so many titans of real estate in the industry all striving towards the same goal, we want to make a statement, and stand out from the rest as a truly innovative and exemplary player in the Smart City race, and we intend to certify our commitment to the cause, through the establishment of Ecotek. The key to a successful and efficient smart city does not rely solely on expensive digital investments and cutting edge technology. We believe, that the key to creating the city of the future, relies on one keyword, connectivity. Connectivity not only conveys a message of synergy and efficiency between the operational and service technology within the smart city, but also conveys a message about the interrelation between the governing body of a city, and it's citizens. In order to ensure this, on both an operational and technological level, to a more human and emotional level, it is imperative that we have a centralize division, with a sole mission to ensure an optimal level of connectivity and synergy within the Smart City of Ecopark. This is the destiny of Ecotek.

Việc làm

【3473】Product Owner

25,000,000 ~ 35,000,000 đ

【3414】Head of Data or Senior Data Engineer

40,000,000 ~ 50,000,000 đ

【3254】Fullstack Developer ( ReactJs)

30,000,000 ~ 35,000,000 đ
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